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Human-centric school for the innately curious

Do what makes you
come alive.

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"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." ―Albert Einstein

The age of AI is creating hopeful uncertainties that fundamentally changes what it means to be human.

How will you show up and use your Human Intellect for good?

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Find the essence of Human Intellect

Image by Sergio García


The ancient Greek
word for school.

Meaning: Leisure.
Taking time to educate oneself. 

No more anxious, rote, one-way learning. 

Learning is deeply human. But boring schools have made us allergic to complexity, uncertainty, creativity and more.

In the spirit of schole, we are here to bringing back that innate curiosity for exploring the richness of human intellect through conceptual, perceptual, and creative tools.

Areas of
Human Intellect to explore

Conceptual Tools like framework thinking, working with AI, how to take smart notes, and how to get your point across to appeal to the mind

Perceptual Tools like self management, how to listen, music and mindfulness, and more to connect with yourself and with others

Creative Tools like design thinking for action-biased entrepreneurship, start your YouTube channel, Da Vinci Cafés to have deep conversations with strangers, and more to turn your inputs into outputs

Find your curious humans on the internet.

School is a place for idea exchange. 

Not just between teacher and students but from human to human. 

Just like adults can learn from children, bosses can learn from employees, and vice versa, the School of Human Intellect is a place for you to find people you can share your ideas with.

Find your curious humans and end intellectual loneliness. 


Measuring Tape

Conceptual tools 🧠

Classes that sharpen deep and clear thinkers. 

Scissor and Sellotape

Perceptual tools 💙

Classes that take thinkers to where they can't go with pure logic and analysis.

Paint Brush

Creative tools ⚪️

Classes that take all that internal processing and turn them into real world change. 


Mental shortcuts to think fast, talk smart, and execute confidently

Think in frameworks


Go from confused faces to engaging conversations

Articulation sprint


All you need to supercharge your notetaking and sensemaking

Zettelkasten Fundamentals


Human-centric leadership going beyond telling others what to do



Introvert's superpower and Extrovert's life changer

How to listen


How to get happiness to bring you success (and not the other way around)

Happiness to Success

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 9.11.37.png

Skip the small talk and get to the deep existential stuff with strangers

Da vinci café


What makes us love imperfect music

Music and imperfection


Get your ideas into the world, one MVP (minimum viable product) at a time

Design thinking

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