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"Am I the only one who thinks like this? I want to learn. I like to learn. I know I can do better than just go to work, come home, have brunch at the hippest restaurant, and maybe go travelling once or twice a year... 

I want to have interesting conversations that doesn't involve judging others, talk about books that moved me. I want to do something meaningful but everyone around me seems to want me on the conventional path with them."

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Why we exist.

This school is for my friends who want to live up to their potential, but feel alone and held back. 

This school is for me, the cheeky kid who had a secret mission to learn and share the latest awestricking thing with any adults who would listen, so more people can smile and feel that deep sense of happiness and wonder I knew and loved. 

I knew then I wanted to build a school where we don't have to bury our curiosity with rigid classes and boring lectures. A place where we can smile and let our curiosity run wild. 

The age of AI is here just in time. If inertia ruled education since the industrial revolution, education is forced to energize as AI steamrolls over everything that seemed fundamental to human intellect. 

Everyone knows traditional education has to change. The anxiety, rigidity, and confusion has to be flipped. No one quite knows how. This is the challenge we're taking on at Human Intellect.

Join us as a student, a teacher, or a volunteer!

We are a multidisciplinary curious bunch with industry experience in tech, media, management consulting, health care, neuroscience, and even spiritual care!

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