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Human Intellect is Future-Proof

Build an Evergreen Team
Flourish in the Age of AI

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Steward Your Team
As Human-Centric Leaders

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." ―Albert Einstein

The age of AI is creating hopeful uncertainties that fundamentally changes what it means to be leader.

How will you and your team show up and use your Human Intellect for good?


Upskill your
team for the
future of

The future
that is
right now.

Conceptual Intellect / AI Fluency
Understand and leverage AI so you can improve productivity short term, and define your human strengths long term.
Powered by AI research and Google know-how

Perceptual Intellect / Self-Management   
Lead yourself and others by managing our nervous systems and awareness.
Powered by neuroscience, spiritual care, and the Drucker School of Management

Creative Intellect / Design Thinking         
Idea generation isn't reserved for the "creative types." Use proven frameworks to spark innovation and proactive thinking.
Powered by Stanford design thinking and Google innovation

Intellectually Stimulating with 
Scalable ROI Impact

We create interactive, intellectually stimulating, and practical learning experiences to boost the irreplaceable essence of human intellect in light of AI.
We co-create key outcomes with you to ensure that each course is tailored to your team's business needs. No cookie-cutter courses here.

We train leaders to scale their learnings across the organization--so your whole team flourishes, not just the attendees.

 Multidisciplinary Educators
with Real World Experience

Moma Profile Vicky

Vicky Zhao


Christin Chong, PhD

We are a multidisciplinary, curious bunch with industry experience in tech, media, management consulting, health care, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and even spiritual care!
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